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Conference account

As a member of the University of Cologne with an employee account, you can apply for wireless network access to the UKLAN university network for conferences. Please read our terms of use.

A staff member applying for this account must keep a list of the names of guests who they give access details to (first name, last name, account name). This list must be submitted to the Data Protection Officer if required.

Please send the completed application via e-mail to rrzk-helpdesk(at) or by post to the RRZK Helpdesk.

Your access to the internet during a conference


For the participants of a conference, the Wi-Fi network "Conference @ University of Cologne" is available. When logging into this network, you will need a conference account. You will receive this from your conference organisation.


Members of other universities, that belong to the Initiative Education Roaming (eduroam), the access to Wi-Fi is also available on the campus of the University of Cologne. The registration is done with the account data of the own university.

Guest network sockets

Conference accounts can also be used to access guest network sockets at the University of Cologne. These are located in the lecture halls and are labelled with a sticker.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk