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General information about handling spam / marking by header

All email entering the campus will be scanned for spam and viruses/malware. Mail found to contain known malware will be discarded. Mail suspected to be spam will be handled according to recipient.

Users with und can choose whether such mail will be discarded, marked in subject or delivered unchanged.

All mail showing signs of spam will be marked to allow for individual filtering (using your own mail client for example). These marks will be present in mail going to recipients addresses like and as well.

Information about spam in headers of mails

X-Uzk-Spam: POSITIVE -- Mail is most likely spam. If you choose drop or mark in our Mailportal, they will be treated accordingly.

X-UzK-Spam: SUSPECT -- Mail shows some signs of spam. It is not recommended to automatically discard mail on this criteria alone.

Validate suspious mails

You have recieved an email and you are not sure whether it is spam or phishing? Information on this topic and what kind of attacks exist via mail can be found here.


If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk