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When setting up an e-mail account with an e-mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, you always have to decide wether to use POP or IMAP for it.

The main difference between POP and IMAP is, that only with IMAP all activities within the e-mail client will also be synchronized with the servers of the e-mail provider. This means for example, that the e-mails will stay on the server of the provider and can therefore be accessed from everywhere, or that also sent objects will be saved on the server.

With the setting POP the e-mails will be donwloaded normally by the server and then also deleted there and then. Allthough, for the most email providers, this deletion can be deactivated (within the email client).

For clarification: Only with IMAP the e-mails, that are sent via the e-mail client, will be saved in the Sent-Folder of the e-mail provider and not only locally on the PC, which grants access to them from everywhere. The status of an e-mail can also change automatically to read or get moved in to the bin, with each access.

Practically speaking IMAP is therefore the more useful and comfortable way, which is why highly recommend it, alltough it is not free of charge with all providers.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk