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Research Project and Data Management Services at the RRZK

Note: To get individual consulting regarding research data management, please contact the C³RDM.

E-Mail, Internet access, Web

Service Employee Account Student Account
LOGO-Email-SVG E-Mail, Mailing list, Contact address yes yes
LOGO-Wifi-SVG WLAN, Virtual Private Network (VPN) yes yes
LOGO-blog-SVG Blog yes* yes^
LOGO-wiki-SVG Wiki yes* yes^
LOGO-webprojekt-SVG Web Projects yes* no

Data storage, sharing, backup

Service Employee Account Student Account
LOGO-homedirectory-SVG Home Directory yes yes
LOGO-sofsperson-SVG Personal storage area (SoFS) yes yes
LOGO-sofsprojekt-SVG Project storage area (SoFS) yes* yes^
LOGO-Sciebo-SVG NRW Cloud: sciebo yes* yes^
LOGO-bscw1-SVG Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW) yes* yes^
LOGO-gigamove-SVG GigaMove yes yes
LOGO-tsmbackup-SVG Backup System TSM yes* yes*
LOGO-tsmarchive-SVG Archive TSM yes* yes*

Research environment, Project management

Service Employee Account Student Account
LOGO-limesurvey-SVG Lime Survey yes* yes*
LOGO-hpc-SVG High Performance Computing (HPC) yes* yes*

LOGO-redmine-SVG Redmine

yes* yes*
LOGO-git-SVG Git yes* yes*

Software, Multimedia, Digitization

Service Employee Account Student Account
LOGO-softwareshop-SVG Online-Software Shop yes yes
LOGO-installation-SVG Software Installation, Recovery yes yes
LOGO-videokonferenz-SVG Video-conference, DFNConf yes* yes^
LOGO-verleih-SVG Lending audio and video equipment yes* yes*
LOGO-opencast-SVG Lecture Recording (Opencast) yes* no
LOGO-retrodigital-SVG Retro-digitization yes* yes*
LOGO-3dscan-SVG 3D-Scan yes* yes*
LOGO-3dprint-SVG 3D-Printing yes* yes*

*The user can access the Service upon request (via the RRZK-Helpdesk contact form, or the corresponding Web-based application form).

^The user can participate in the Service upon invitation.

Important:  Notice that some services might have attached costs. Please verify the terms and conditions in the RRZK Web-pages.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk