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The University of Cologne has got a contingent of licenses at the cloud service MeisterTask, which allows everyone, who registers at MeisterTask using a "" to use the "Business" functions. You also get the extended functionality "MindMeister" for mindmaps, which will be deactivated after a certain time of non-use. If you want to activate it again later, please contact

MeisterTask offers a lot of useful, modern features like kanban boards, timelines, filters, checklists, attachments and tags. It is a very good and data privacy compliant alternative to well-known services like "Slack" or "Trello". Many functions are explained via video tutorials and clients are available for all common operating systems, including mobile versions for Android and iOS.

With MeisterTask it is also possible to integrate a calendar. However, the use of Google Calendar and other cloud services is not permitted at the UoC, which is why only the "webmail" calendar (Horde) of the RRZK may be connected here.

Please be sure to note: If you are already working with MeisterTask and then receive a license from the UoC, check immediately whether your existing projects have been converted to "team projects". These are then visible for the whole university, you should convert them to a private project via the project properties directly after the license has been activated. For MeisterTask "the university" is a team, the software does not know anything about internal structures. Therefore, please refrain from setting up a team project and only use "private projects".

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If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk