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Like many other universities, the University of Cologne provides Webex. The primary purpose of Webex is telephony, with and without video. Therefore, Webex is currently not available to all members of the University of Cologne. There are only a limited number of licenses available. Webex will be used as a telephony solution for new buildings. In addition, a switch from the previous telephony to Webex may make sense. With Webex, one can basically make incoming and outgoing calls anywhere in the world using the business phone number without having to use call forwarding. If you use a Webex account that is linked to a work phone number, you can use it to make (video) calls just like you would use a phone in your office.


When you switch to Webex, you will receive a new five-digit extension instead of the previous (usually) four-digit extension. Your previous phone will be discarded. Instead of the fixed telephone set, only a soft client is used, which can be installed on PCs/laptops with Windows, macOS or Linux, on tablets and on smartphones.

Other areas of application for Webex are, for example, video conferences for oral examinations, committee meetings, official meetings. Webex at the University of Cologne differs from other purely cloud-based solutions such as Zoom in that it is also possible to use the local telephone system at the University of Cologne.

License & Registration

You can obtain a Webex license by registering at The registration at Webex is done with your university account. This account is also used for KLIPS, ILIAS, the e-mail address "" and much more and should be known to all employees at the University of Cologne. Administrative, WiSo or other accounts cannot be used.


Important note for hosts of Webex events

Please be sure to read the privacy policy and the usage guidelines for hosts/moderators regarding Webex.


Nützliche Links und Hilfen

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk