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SoFS-Storage for Institutions

A 10GB quota for your personal data is available to you. If you belong to an institution and need more storage space for your research and teaching, you can obtain it from your institution or from the RRZK. When using this directory, you do not burden your SoFS storage space.

Facilities of the University of Cologne can use up to 1 TB of storage space in the SoFS free of charge. The management can submit a corresponding application for each institution. Therefore, please clarify in advance whether your institution already manages its own storage space.

If your institution already has its own area, you can obtain a corresponding subdirectory with full access there. The person with administration rights sets this and informs you of the corresponding network path.

To request a storage space in SoFS please use our storage management system TAMARA. Please select "NetApp" as storage type.

Please Note

Note for facilities of the Faculty of Law: There is already an area for the Faculty of Law in SoFS.  All institutions of the faculty can be included in this area. Advice and support is offered by the IT department of the dean's office. For more information, contact

Institutes of the Faculty of Medicine (except CECAD): Please use the "Kostenstelle" 130100000.

Contact Person of the Faculties:

Arts Faculty: 

Faculty of Law:

Faculty of Human Sciences:

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk