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SoFS – free online storage

Use the free and secure online storage of the University of Cologne. In SoFS, you can save up to 10 GB data, manage it in folders, and share it with other users.

SoFS is a good alternative to store data on your computer. SoFS saves periodically older file versions. If you have accidently deleted or overwritten a file, you can restore an older file version. Additionally, SoFS offers various functions and adjustment options.

SoFS areas

You can connect to two areas in SoFS (for instance via a network drive in Windows)

  •  A private area: \\\[accountname]
    • The personal area is only accessible for you (read and write).
  • A public area: \\\public\[initial letter of your account name]\[accountname] 

The public area is accessible for all members of the university. You have the option to restrict and give to single subdirectories.

University facilities can apply for an area in SoFS for their projects.

Log in to SoFS

Enter your account name and password when logging in to SoFS. Put the “AD\” in front of your account name.

Assignment of rights in SoFS

If you have admin rights for a SoFS area, you can grant read and write rights to others. Please note that this is only possible with a connection via CIFS/SMB and does not work with a home version of Windows, so you need e.g. a Pro or Education version. It is not possible to assign rights with other operating systems like MacOS or Linux/Ubuntu. The system must be part of the domain


Further information

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk