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Access to deleted files and previous versions

In SoFS, old versions of all stored files are removed. In this way, you have access to files that have already been deleted, as well as the possibility to access the old state of a file that has been accidentally overwritten.

Further information on when the data backup takes place (and to which versions you have access) can be found in the description of the range of functions of SoFS.

In order to access the old versions, it is necessary to use access via CIFS on Windows (see the instructions for CIFS access with Windows). This is only possible with PCs that are located in the university network. For access from home, a VPN connection is therefore necessary in order to use this function.

The screenshots shown below are related to Windows 11, with other versions of Windows, the path shown is the same.

Access previous versions

1. Open the windows explorer and navigate to the SoFS folder, where the data were located, you want to have access to.

2. Make a right-click on the folder where the data have been stored. Select "Properties".

3. Select "Previous versions". You will now see all previous versions that are stored on our servers.

4. Select the version you want to access and click "Open".

6. A new window will pop up and show the contents of the folder to the selected timestamp. Save the data you want to recover by copying to your local hard drive

Remark: If there are no old versions displayed, please double-check that you are using cifs and that you are trying to access previous versions of a folder and not of a file directly.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk