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Institutes moving to another location within the university

If your institute is moving within the university, please inform the RRZK Networks department of the following information:

  • Name of institute
  • New location
  • Date of the move (time to deactivate previous network sockets and activate new network sockets. This can be two separate days.)
  • List of all network sockets at the institute's previous location
  • List of all network sockets at the institute's new location.


Please inform us of all network sockets at the location and not only those which you currently want to use. Without this information, you will not be able to use all network sockets available at your location. It does not matter if a computer is not currently connected to the network socket. Example for network socket label: S544-D-11/12/13 refers to the connections S544-D-11 to 13 on a three-port socket. We only need to know the range i.e. S544-D 11 to 13. You do not need to list ports with their full label individually. You will need to inform us if your institute will be closed during the move and if (and for how long) any staff will remain at the previous location. Please send all details via e-mail to:

Example form for institutes moving to another location:

Name of institute: Institute of Institutology
Moving from: Universitätsstr. 166
Moving to: Student Service Center
Moving on: 23.09.20XX

Network sockets at previous location:
 S544-D-01 to 24
S544-F-01 to 12
S544-K-01 to 03

Network sockets at new location:
S546-A-01 to 18
S546-B-04 to 24

Please send this information to

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk