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Instruction for the access to SoFS on Windows 10 via WebDAV

Caution: Accessing SoFS folders by using the WebDAV is causing trouble on a regular basis. Please do not use it for your daily work. You may use it as a temporary access if access via CIFS is not possible.


1. Start the Explorer by right-clicking the start button and choosing Explorer.

Hint: You may also use the shortcut Win+E.

2. Select "This PC".

3. Select "Add a network location".

4. Click "Next", select "Choose a custom network location" and click "Next" again.

5. Under "Internet or network adress" put in the path of the SoFS folder you want to access. Plese note that the beginning of the path might need to be changed for using WebDAV instead of CIFS.
Orient yourself to the following:

  • Private folders are located under
  • Public folders are located under letter of account/account
  • Folders of institutions are individual, you get them in your institute (common is

Click "Next".

6. Enter your credentials. Enter your accountname in the following format: "ad\accountname" and enter your password. After that your connection will be established.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the RRZK-Helpdesk